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This is Susan and Arwinder Nagi and we call ourselves the 'Shooting Nomads'. Our love for photography led us to quitting our jobs, selling our home and moving into a motor home full time. We now spend all our time traveling around the country, exploring and photographing the wonderful sights that await us.

Arwinder was born in Punjab, India and came to the United States at a young age to pursue studies in pharmaceutical research. After getting his Ph.D., he devoted the early part of his career doing research at major pharmaceutical companies including Wyeth, Pfizer and Amgen. Arwinder was influenced by photography at a very young age by his father’s love of taking photos. Cameras were always present in their home and on family outings. Arwinder was 17 years old when his father passed away but his dad left behind a lifetime passion of photography for Arwinder to carry forward. Arwinder became seriously interested in landscape photography around 2010 when he purchased his first digital SLR. He hopes to share this passion with others as he continues to immerse himself in the fine art of capturing nature’s beauty through digital expression.

Susan has her roots as a southern country girl from the Carolinas. She had many opportunities as a child to enjoy the beauty of nature as she played in the woods with her brothers, fished on the piers in Myrtle Beach with family, or took long scenic walks in the country with family elders. As an adult, she has been blessed by a career in service to others as a Registered Nurse. Through giving to others she has been blessed abundantly in return. Her love of photography came to fruition from Arwinder. He opened the doors of photography for a passion waiting to be expressed. Now she is committed in service to sharing her love of nature and protecting the environment through her photos. Her passion is birding coupled with a great love of nature and wildlife. It is her hope that these photos will be enjoyed by all and increase awareness, kindness and compassion for our wildlife and the world in which we live.

In an effort to share the beauty of our environment for generations to come, 25% of all print proceeds will be donated to the National Geographic Society. “The key to this eco-friendly organization’s conservation approach is to show the planet’s natural beauty so people will appreciate it. In addition to conservation, National Geographic supports exploration and scientific research through grant programs and public projects.”